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About Me


Hello! Hola! I’m Michelle Clarke.  I’m delighted to virtually meet you.   Here’s a little bit about me:

I love to work. It’s a very satisfying and contributory activity to me.  It gives me purpose.
I love to travel.  It’s an exhilarating and eye-opening activity to me.  It gives me purpose.
I love to photograph.
 It’s about observation of life and capturing of moments. It gives me purpose.
I am living an exciting combination of these core purposes – working, traveling and photographing.  I’ve streamlined some of my many skills into a portable and technology-facilitated offering so that I can continue to work and travel wherever I feel I would like to.  I am a Portable Professional.

What work do I do? I’m an Executive, Expat and Leadership Coach. I use web-based video technology to work with clients around the world.  I also develop workshops and talks and am available to move at short notice to wherever a client needs me in person.  More and more clients are seeking me out to discuss their own transition and sustainability as a Portable Professional.  I am here to help!  Join the growing community of Portable Professionals by joining the mailing list.

Where do I travel? I have seen a great deal of this world so far and I have a great deal yet to see.  In no particular order, here are some of the countries and places I have visited; Madagascar, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, Java, Israel, Peru, New York, Zanzibar, France, Italy, Greece, Malawi, Uruguay, Germany, Argentina, London.  The country of my birth is South Africa.  I am currently in Santiago de Chile.  Traveling allows me to stretch and expand my global thinking and this adds huge value to my clients as it impacts on the quality of my coaching skills.

What do I photograph? Everything!  I am a prolific photographer and nothing is ever dull to me when the camera is in my hands.  I am a deeply visual person and cannot help but be a keen observer of life.  Please journey through my photo stories and feel free to leave your comments on my pics.

What can I offer you? Loads!  Inspiration, direction, visual enjoyment, events, coaching and anything else related to your journey as a Portable Professional.  Send me a note, tell me a little bit about you,  and let’s get a conversation started.