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My Crush on Classic Cars

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in featured, Portfolio | 0 comments


I had no idea that I had a crush on classic cars! There has never been a hint of this until I began my adventures in South America. I was so excited to spot my first in-use classic on the streets of Santiago that I couldn’t help myself but to capture it through my lens. Awareness is a powerful thing: once ignited it brings our focus back time-and-again to this newly expanded window of perception. And so I spotted more and more classics – in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. After a while I started to think these gems were just waiting to be discovered by me. I love each one of them! I’m always on the look out for these lovelies and this album will continue to grow. Here are a few of my favourite pics of Classic Cars in South America.

To see more of my pics and adventures in discovering Classic Vehicles, please visit my full album, Best of Vintage Vehicles on Flickr.

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