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Dance, sing and shout if you want

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in featured, Portfolio | 0 comments


Self-expression is a beautiful thing. As in dancing and singing in the streets! Shouting in the streets is a little more intense but if your cause is honorable, why not? In South America I have witnessed an abundance of festivals, with dancing, singing, and shouting, celebrated with love, spirit and abandon. It gives me permission to do the same and that’s been a journey in unleashing my own creativity. What I relish is the opportunity to find myself and my camera right where the action is – no barriers to entry here in South America. I have enjoyed festivals in both the South and North of Chile. In Peru I witnessed a most extraordinary festival in the small town of Lamas which included a fascinating array of animal corpses. In Santiago I defended myself from flying rocks in the annual Workers Day March. What a treat each one of these special occasions has been. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the numerous festivals.

To view more of my photographs and adventures at festivals and riots, please visit my Best of Festivals & Riots Album on Flickr.

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