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Humans Rock!

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in featured, Portfolio | 0 comments


We’re short, we’re tall, we’re skinny, we’re plump. We’re introvert, extrovert, we stand-out, we blend. We’re a hodge-podge of diversity, us human beings! Whether we smile at each other or ignore the other, share a bench or leave a bench – we’re communicating. And it’s this communication that shapes us in small or in impactful ways. If we removed all the humans from the earth except one, how would we share all that we see, hear or do? Who would we fight for, or fight with, love for or love with? I think humans rock! They add such diversity to my life – some intimately and some from afar. This album is a small collection of my favourite pics of the humans I have met on my travels and through my work in the recent years.

To see more pics of the diversity and joy of connecting with humans, please visit my Best of Humans of the Americas Album on Flickr.

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