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My journey into the world of mining

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in Blog Article | 0 comments

Think Chile, think mining. Once famed for mining saltpeter in the north, Chile is now all about Copper. I knew little about the mining industry when I arrived here. But thanks to my lucky stars and my portable professional skills, I was fortunate enough on this journey to find work in the industry in Chile as a coach, helping leaders in a large mining project to communicate across cultures more effectively. I visited my client’s project – called ‘el pique’ (‘the shaft’) and was awed at the impressive machinery and the talents of the miners and engineers stationed there. I stayed several weeks in Calama, a city within close proximity to the project, known for it’s apparent ugliness. I say ‘apparent’ because I feel a camera and a good eye can make even ugly look beautiful. I visited the deserted mining cities of Sewell and Humberstone and learned the history of mining at the outdoor mining museum. These are a few of my favourite pics of my journey into the world of mining.

To view more of my pics and my adventures in mining, please visit my album: The Best of Calama, Mining and My Client, on Flickr.

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