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Nurturing myself

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 by in Blog Article | 0 comments

Self-nurturing is an important practice. We do this through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual activities that demonstrate high self-care. What we feed our body helps to maintain it in the best physical condition we can. But it’s not so easy to feed yourself when you’re in a foreign place and the food is oftentimes weird (and unrecognizable). I’ve come to realize that South America is a meat and sea food haven and (former) vegetarians like myself need to see beyond the octopus, horse meat, grilled insects, grubs, sizzling carcasses and obscure shelled things to find the delicious fruit and vegetables behind the scenes. Have I tried it all? I have! Here are a few of my favourite pics of my adventures with food and drink over the recent years.

To view more of my pics and adventures with food and drink in South America, please visit my Best of Food and Drink album on Flickr.

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