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What is a Portable Professional?


What is a Portable Professional?

Port·a·ble [adjective];
Able to be carried or moved, oftentimes because of being a more streamlined version than usual.
synonyms: transportable, movable, mobile, travel

Pro·fes·sion·al [adjective];
Some say a professional is someone who is specially educated or trained to enter a profession.  Others say it refers to a code of conduct or a daily commitment to chosen work.  I think it’s a special recipe combination of them all.

Portable Professionals are those individuals, couples and families who choose to package their skills, conduct and commitment into a streamlined solution that allows them to enjoy a portable career and travel lifestyle.

Why would you choose this Lifestyle?

Because you want it.  Because you value your skills and the level of your contribution and you want to keep on offering it.  You also value your freedom to choose where you want to live and work.  You value global connection, learning a new language, travel, diversity and the power of technology.   You are committed to learn what it takes to develop the systems that allow you to create a mobile lifestyle by design.

What careers are best suited to Portable Professionals?

Many!  This is not a career option only for Bloggers, Writers and Life Coaches.  My primary line of work is an Executive, Leadership and Expat Coach.  My secondary line of work is Photography.   The work I’m super passionate about is helping others to become Portable Professionals which is why you are here.  I know Professionals, Speakers, Consultants in various disciplines, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Agriculturists, Lawyers, Marketing Experts, Tour Operators, Mining Professionals and Engineers who successfully work and travel around the globe.  As business becomes globalised, Business Owners, Leaders and Executives are managing remote teams from anywhere they are able to access the internet or a telephone line.

How often do Portable Professionals move from place to place?

Some people choose to stay in a selected destination for 3 – 6 weeks before moving to another. Other people prefer to base themselves in one destination for a few months, using this as a springboard to travel to other destinations.   The factors that influence my choice of destination include ease of integration, available services (good wifi is critical to me), ease of travel, ease of banking and personal safety.

How can you be supported in this lifestyle?

Come and join me on my journey.  I’ll share resourceful posts, stories and photographs to inspire you.  Join the growing community of Portable Professionals by signing up on this site for information and specials.  Join us for an upcoming retreat or online event.  Or choose to work with me one-on-one to help you to design and implement your Portable Career and Travel Lifestyle.