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Staying Centered in Central Chile

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in featured, Portfolio | 0 comments


Life is a journey of ups and downs. If it weren’t this way we’d be…well, flat-lining. What I have learned is that we can create habits and practices that allow the ups and down to be less severe – gentle slopes that move us from the neutrality line without the extremes. We can learn to stay more centered. This post is dedicated to central Chile – the beautiful rolling slopes of Valdivia, the gentle (and sometimes wild) coastlines, the places that are not too far from the north or the south and bring us back to the centre with ease. I’m not sure why some of these beautiful places are not on the tourist route – and I’m grateful for that too – being far from the maddening crowd offers lots of inner peace. These are a few of my favourite pics from Central Chile.

To see more of my pics and adventures in Central Chile please view my Best of Central Chile album on Flickr.

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