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Stretching the Comfort Zone

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in featured, Portfolio | 0 comments

Beyond the comfort zone lies the panic zone. The panic zone is the area where we’re so anxious we can hardly think. Between the comfort and the panic zone lies the learning zone. The skills and abilities that are just out of our reach are in the learning zone; they’re neither so far away that we panic nor close enough where they’re too easy. Stretching the comfort zone means learning or doing new things that add to our collection of experiences and show us just how capable and brave we actually are. I’m a fan of stretching my comfort zone, albeit with some initial resistance. Over the recent months I have stretched myself into paragliding, bicycling adventures, snow skiing, rock climbing, hiking, witnessing a rodeo and a cock-fight (not nice!), jungle hiking, horse riding, and becoming a futbol fan. These are a few of my favourite pics of my recent adventures.

To see more pics of my attempts and adventures in stretching the comfort zone, please visit my Best Collection of Adventures Album on Flickr.

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