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I invite you to step into a powerful adventure.  Be bold – Work with me!

Where do you imagine you will be ten years from now?  Do you have a plan to get there?  Does it include working remotely, traveling, activating and participating  in your life plan a purposeful way?  Will you answer the call to step out of your comfort zone?

Did you leave your dreams behind to settle for a life of predictability?  Do you still feel the pull toward a life of extraordinary?  I work with clients who are committed to making their dreams a reality.

Why will our working together be awesome?

 I am awesome. And I know you are awesome too.  When we combine our talents, skills and ideas in a powerful partnership, we’re doubly awesome.  Our focus is on helping you to accept your call to adventure – in whatever form that takes – and to journey together toward your ideal goal.

Here are some of the ways that committed individuals and groups choose to work with me:

* Join me in a one-on-one virtual coaching journey.  (visit to schedule a strategy meeting)

* Create a strong Personal Brand that allows you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

* Learn how to become a successful Portable Professional

* Book me as a Speaker – either virtually or in person – I’m available to travel.

* Interview me – I have some good stuff to share about my experiences, my work and my lifestyle.

* Ask me to write a column – if there is an alignment between your brand and mine, I’ll happily contribute.

* Engage me as a facilitator – either virtually or in person – to stimulate groups and teams to discuss important issues.

* Partner with me here on my website – I’m open to advertising and link-backs

* Employ me to photograph, in my unique way, your part of the world

* Ask me about buying or publishing my photography

* Share your ideas with me about how I can further my mission to inspire other Skilled Professionals with a wanderlust to work and travel across the globe.

Are you ready?  Go for it – Contact me now